19 February 2009

Brief Q&A

I will paraphrase:

Q: Jennifer challenges, "Bi-yatch, you be lie-telling cuz there ain't no way you take 10 minutes to write each post."
A: Well, technically, you're right Jennifer. But I do have a stockpile of pre-edited (cropped, sized, etc.) photos that I can immediately upload if they are germane to any given entry. Also, I tend to work in 10-minute increments--often on a few posts at a time. On many occasions, I finish multiple posts simultaneously so I space out their (automated) publication. And Jennifer, why do you talk like a gangsta? Maybe it's because you were hardened by all those years of having to defend your yummy yummy delish cream cheese/lemon curd elixir of the gods. Ooh, that sounds good!

Q: Linda wonders, "It's not like I've heard you call them A1 and A2 in real life. Why bother to call them that here?"
A: I once read that it's dangerous to personalize children's backpacks with their names--I mean that in the large and glaringly obvious way (versus small print on the inside). A stranger can call out that name and pretend to be someone who is familiar to the child and...well, you can only imagine the rest of the potentially horrifying story. A1's given name and A2's nickname are both uncommon and if someone called them out, the boys would certainly assume familiarity.

Q: Ivan observes, "Taking pictures compromises the present experience of a moment!"
A: Initially, the camera did get in the way, but I've found that in the past few months, it's less and less of a contrivance and more and more a part of me. The photography is a distillation of my total experience into small relevant pieces--pieces that I might have otherwise missed if I weren't forced to focus on them (literally!) through the lens. I once heard that a camera is a mirror with a memory, and I totally agree. When I post a photo, it shows others not what I see, but how I feel about what I see; it really is a reflection of myself and what is important to me at any given moment (Heh, who loves expository text?). That's probably why I have a gazillion photos of the boys.

Speaking of photos of the boys (smooth segue, eh?), here are a few recent ones. This is A2 just waking up from a nap. You can see my laptop at the bottom of this first photo...I was probably either blogging or Facebooking while he was sleeping!
waking up 1
waking up 2
waking up 3
waking up 4

I used to love perfectly focused photos of the kids, centered in the frame and smiling at the camera. Because the kids rarely offer that view, I have learned to take and enjoy what I can get. And in the process, I am capturing much more of who they are.
silly guy 1
silly guy 2
silly guy 3
silly guy 4


Sheila said...

I just adore those photos of the A's. A-2 has that yummy-sleepy look that is so delicious and I love A-1's little freckle on his forehead... And Jen speaks like a ganstah b/c she is yo!

Brett said...

These are beautiful photos of very handsome boys.

BTW, my word verification code is "bulturfe." Whaaa???

Hyacynth Filippi Worth said...

I have a question! Why did you choose "A" for A1 and A2 and not like "B" or something else?

LH said...

Sheila, that freckle will be the death of me...always checking for (and imagining there are) changes in color, irregular edges, and such. I'm a nut like that.

Brett, I've always enjoyed verification codes...they're completely made up but there's always something a little familiar about the ways the phonemes are strung together.

Hy, their first names both start with A so it came naturally. Their dad and I IM each other a lot (yes, from different computers in the same house--is that more freakish than geekish or the other way around?) and we always abbreviated A1's name as A. When his little brother was born, we wanted to call him A' (A prime) but that didn't stick. As for "A1" and "A2", we actually meant the numbers to be subscripts but it didn't translate in IM. Your assessment is probably now that we are both a bit freaky AND geeky!

brett said...

I love the subscripts, even if in intent only.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Hmph! I shoulda said what I said in gan'sta talk. Woulda sounded cooler, yo.

I can see how taking photographs is a part of you and your experience. Although things don't hold still long enough for me to whip out a pad and pencil and then to draw it, I do "draw" in my mind, drinking in colors and shapes.

I only look like I'm spacing out. :) I'm actually in a state of rapture when I stop to see. Were this experience of feeling easier to share!


LH said...

Brett, as you can imagine James is fond of scientific notation! It makes me smile to think of what L will call her little brother.

I, I have heard the comparison between painters, who start with a blank canvas and work toward a finished product, and photographers, who start with the finished product. I'm sure there is some sort of parts:whole or whole:parts issue involved because I spend lot of time analyzing. I've always been better at analysis than synthesis.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Hm, that's interesting! I don't consider raw photographs finished products necessarily, but I can see the perspective (makes me think!).

I think my tendency is towards synthesis.


LH said...

I, I see the scene as the finished product and the photograph as the work, or the analysis of that scene.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Ah. I wondered about that after I posted, thanks for the clarification.

I think I'm more syntheticalistical with ideas but more analysticalious with how I study a reference (finished product)--taking it apart, figuring it out, and then translating it onto canvas.

Hm. That's an angle on the process I think about on a more technical level, I guess.