07 February 2009


It's already 7 Feb and I've only composed 2 entries thus far this month, not that I'm aiming for a particular number or anything. I've been feeling so blah, not wanting to blog because I'm finding my photos uninspired and my sentiments banal. Still, I'll forge ahead.

We recently went to the science museum, where the boys played on a dinosaur tail slide.
slow slide

Here they are building canals and dams with sand.
sand & water exhibit

A1 likes making smoke shapes.
smoke exhibit

There were a few girls in our playgroup, but for some reason, my camera only see boys!


Ivan Chan Studio said...

Your camera seems related to Confucius!

That smoke shape thing looks COOL. Wow. I want to play.


LH said...

That whole museum is cool. While A1 does appreciate the art museum, there's so much fun to had in a hands-on kid-friendly place.