26 February 2009


There was a time when I imagined this would be a place to post about my craft and sewing projects. That time has passed.


I think photography works so well because it's something I can do with the kids, whereas it's not possible to sew unless I'm away from them. And I'm not really in the mindset of wanting to be away from my kids, you know?


Hyacynth Filippi Worth said...

Totally. That's why I don't sew more. It was taking a lot of time away from Gabe ... which is also why I'm not posting as many blog entries. :)

LH said...

Yeah, the only problem is that the kids know that I can make things for them and often times request certain items, "Mama, make me a cape," or "May I have a crown just like the one at school--but with my name on it?"

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Hm, will you consider changing the blog name to reflect your new direction?


LH said...

Nah, I'm hoping this is a fun little excursion away from the main route but that I'll return to the sewing later on.