22 February 2009

365 Photography Project, Week 5

This week, I present 7 wholly uninspired, shoulder-shrugging, sigh-inducing images. Next week, I'm going back to snapping what grabs me instead of forcing a theme.

29 of 365: The house is in serious need of an exterior paint job.
29 of 365

30 of 365: When A1 received this wagon for his 1st birthday, I couldn't have imagined that he would be pulling his little brother in it within just a few years.
30 of 365

31 of 365: "Soccer Mom" is often used in a derogatory fashion. I take it as a compliment. And a high compliment at that.
31 of 365

32 of 365: I wasn't in love with the photos in the first part of this week (I suck at photographing inanimate objects because I can't connect to them) so I went back to what I know, namely plant photos. At least I stuck with the self-imposed color theme of the week. What the heck is going with the surreal lighting in this shot?
32 of 365

33 of 365: Unripened loquat; okay, I sorta like this picture. I usually use the aperture-priority setting so that I can control f-stop & ISO, allowing the camera to set the shutter speed, but I wasn't getting the exposure I wanted so I went fully manual here. It's my goal to go fully manual some day. Some day.
33 of 365

34 of 365: Mushrooms on the counter. That is all.
34 of 365

35 of 365: This is my sad, desperate violet offering. It's the boys' parachute toy. Wow, I gotta say, I'm pretty displeased with this week's pictures.
35 of 365


Ivan Chan Studio said...

I have so habitually ignored color that until you pointed out that there was a theme and that the last photo was an attempt at violet (yeah, that's simply blue to me) did I remember or piece together that these photos follow the visible spectrum!

I do sense your difficulty connecting to inanimate objects; I know I only photograph people and not landscapes because I can relate to a face much better, too. Well, when I take the photograph; I enjoy others' landscape photography.

That orchid is so stunning! And the loquats make me drool. That spring grey is so amazing, isn't it?


LH said...

A painter who ignores color...hysterical!

LH said...

It just occurred to me that I don't always have trouble connecting to inanimate objects. I lurve vintage sewing machines...their curves, their gold etchings, their potential to create art that is utilitarian, all of it. Love em. And I think it shows when I photograph them as opposed to other objects.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

True! I should qualify that I sensed your difficulty with the inanimate objects in these photos!