15 February 2009

365 Photography Project, Week 4

22 of 365: I'm quickly running out of pretty blossoms at our house so this is from my parents' house.
22 of 365

23 of 365: I love rain!
23 of 365

24 of 365: This abstract view of one of my zithers is made possible by the fact that I no longer play. It waits patiently, affixed to the wall--hence the upward angle.
24 of 365

25 of 365: Solitary locust or grasshopper? Entomology is sadly not my thing.
25 of 365

26 of 365: I love capturing these moments because it's totally my idea of what good parenting and strong bonding look like. See how Byron is all lit up and engaged? That's because his gentle, creative, amazing mother showers him with love and patience and then recedes to the background so that he can experience the world knowing that she's always there for him.
26 of 365

27 of 365: This is from my mother's garden. I often forget this 365 Project and only snap photos of the boys until the end of the day when I'm at my parents' place and need to grab a few images quickly.
27 of 365

28 of 365: Once again, I forgot to take a few frames of anything other than the boys today so this is dusk in my parents' yard.
28 of 365

1 comment:

Ivan Chan Studio said...

These photos are absolutely breathtaking!

I think you could make a disposable camera sing. Your talent totally shines through in these photographs. I gasped at the magnolia (first pic) and the rest gave me aesthetic arrest.

(I love the bit about Byron, too; go object relations theory! Go attachment theory!)