01 February 2009

365 Photography Project, Week 2

8 of 365: Don't get nervous about that swastika! Long before Hitler appropriated the symbol, it was seen among disparate cultures throughout the world as early as the Neolithic, which began around 10,000 B.C.E. Here, it means wellness of being and auspiciousness but often symbolizes the balance and harmony of the four seasons or the four cardinal directions, the majesty of the sun and fire, the union of spirit and matter, the perpetual motion and cyclic progression of worlds, and other completely non-Nazi connotations!
8 of 365

9 of 365: Amelie lives in the gorgeous house that her great-grandfather designed and built. The family room is bathed in the most luscious light, and it's enough to make me wonder if he knew a thing or two about photography.
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10 of 365: A network of gopher holes on our lawn....grrrrr.
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11 of 365: This odd spiderweb was found in front of the lemur habitat at the zoo.
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12 of 365: My mother once told me that during their courtship, my father brought her Bougainvillea, noting that while the colors may be showy, there was no substance behind the flowers because they were without scent. He said that he could offer her anything in plain view including the shirt off his back but that he was completely without the substance and means to support her in the manner in which she grew up. I always think of my dad's humble beginnings when I see Bougainvillea.
12 of 365
You know, if my photos told better stories, I wouldn't have to rely on my words so much. I hope the images will stand on their own by the end of this 365 Photo Project.

13 of 365: This is my dog. MY dog. I had him before the kids. Before the husband. He used to have little brown spots on his snout, but his fur has gone grey and they've disappeared.
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14 of 365: We were at the Tet Festival and I looked up and saw a tree with lanterns on it. I don't love the subject or the composition, but it's the only pic I took today that isn't of the boys.
14 of 365


Amber Riley said...

AWESOME pictures as usual. You rock!

Ivan Chan Studio said...

1) Beautiful photographs, I second Amber!

2) That Buddha statue looks like he's gettin' down.

3) I think words enhance the images (and that's what people have told me when I've wondered if I should stop writing about my paintings). How else would we have known about your father's humility and totally romantic offering to your mom?

4) Awwwww. The Pax. That is such a sweet shot of him.

5) Okay, I have to get back to studying again. Damn! If. only. I. didn't. read. one. word. at. a. time.

(Just kidding, I'm getting better, but I'm still slower than when I was in 6th grade!)


LH said...

The Pax is a nervous pooch. He won't look directly at me--not for too long anyhow--but is perfectly happy to stare directly into the camera.

Hyacynth Filippi Worth said...

Bougainvillea is my favorite picture this week! Mostly because I LOVE the story you told with it. I think Ivan is right; the stories enhance the pictures.
My second favorite is a tie between the awesome-looking spiderweb and the paper laterns. Love those!