08 January 2009

Thankful Thursday

Remember my New Year's Resolution to be mindful so that I can gain perspective and gratitude? Well, here is it in blog form. To start off, I'm hoping to remember at least 10 things each Thursday. I'm not sure yet how much will be blogged and how much will be a personal exercise relegated to the privacy of my own mind, but I thought I'd at least kick it off with a public Thankful Thursday entry (in no particular order).

1. The kids haven't been sick for months--no coughs, no sniffles, nothin'!
2. In fact, their entire journey has thus far encountered very few bumps, starting with extremely easy pregnancies, problem-free nursing, ample vegetable-eating, and no broken limbs or visits to the emergency room. They have no allergies and don't fit any DSM-IV diagnostic rubrics (trust me, I've thought about that one a lot). We have been so lucky!
3. Pants with elastic waists, oh how my post-pregnancy body loves thee.
4. My kids are growing up with their grandparents living a block away. That's pretty awesome.
5. We have a magnificent backyard. We are so privileged to be able to play in such a large, safe space that allows for so much daily fun and learning.
6. And when we leave our house, we're met with amazing scenery and beautiful weather virtually year-round. First photo is on the way to get the oil changed, second is coming home from picking up a few things at Whole Foods. **Ducks head to avoid tomatoes thrown for having taken photographs while driving.**
7. Speaking of driving, our minivan can carry so much unnecessary crap of our essentials!
8. I am able to raise my own children instead of having them reared by a nanny or in daycare. I mean, really, how do I top that particular gift? I have always known that I would be a parent but didn't figure I would be fortunate enough to be able to mother as fully as I do now.
9. Facebook. Yeah, really. Facebook. I used to think that if someone weren't in my life, there was probably good reason for our having lost touch. Turns out, I couldn't be more wrong. And Amber, well...she couldn't be more right. Go facebook!
10. I was a Girl Scout for a little while, during which time, one of the many, many things I learned was "Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold." And I'm definitely grateful for my new friends. They come over well after the new year has started and not only hold their laughter upon the sight of all our Christmas decorations, they confess that many of theirs are still up as well. Can't beat that kind of camaraderie, because it's less often about delays in decor deconstruction (hmm...use alliteration much?) and more often about sharing our worries over the kids and the guilt we feel regarding one thing or another, laughing at ourselves, each other, and the world at large, and supporting one another without judgment.


Hyacynth Filippi Worth said...

Sometimes I think we are long-lost friends somehow ... I swear to you that I started a blog post called Thankful Thursday yesterday. I did not finish it because I got interrupted, and now it's Friday. And we all know I cannot post a blog entry called Thankful Thursday on Friday. ;)

Amber Riley said...

LOVED this entry. Yeah to no sickness or allergies. I am dealing with both and it is NOT fun!
Facebook does rock doesn't it?? I have gotten in touch with so many old friends and it is a great way to keep in better touch with people. :)

LH said...

Amber & Hyacynth, I look forward to reading Thankful Thursday entries next week on your blogs. ;)

attorneymama said...

I think the "yay for now sickness" is the best short-term thing to be thankful for. I think friendship is the best long-term. :)


Brett said...

I know exactly where you took these photos, yet through your lens they look completely different. I want to go drive by and look again.

LH said...

Brett, these were two, very clear winter days on which the photos were snapped. The mountains were as I remembered them 20 years ago before the smog rolled in and I was struck with sudden nostalgia.