22 January 2009

Thankful Thursday, Week 3

Wow, time flies! It feels like this Thankful Thursday came so quickly on the heels of the last one! It makes me wonder if I would forget to stop and appreciate the things around me if I didn't blog them.

Once again, in no particular order:

1. We live very close to a huge number of ethnic markets that offer extremely reasonable prices on an astoundingly huge variety of items. (Zion is a Korean grocery store, not a Jewish deli--weird, huh?)

2. Fringe and Lost are back on the air. I know...it's just wrong wrong wrong of me to be thankful for television (webisodes, actually--since we don't technically have a TV).

3. The boys get along, and have such fun together. I'm an only child so it means a whole lot to me that they have each other.
couch kick

4. I have a kid whose compassion is limitless, whose love for everyone, even stuffed froggies, inspires.
froggy love
real froggy love

5. Sunlit curls on my little boy's head--wow. Loves it. (Sorry for the slightly obscene photo!)
slightly obscene

6. The boys' naptimes coincide! Can I get an Amen?

7. We are thankful for friends who include us in birthday celebrations. What a warm and welcoming home...it always feels like a family get-together even though I'm not related to a single person there!
bday party

8. We have largely been unaffected by this economic recession. I am so grateful and relieved.

9. I have some friends in my life who are single mothers. They have it so hard and it makes me a little less perturbed when I see socks on the floor or crumbs on the counter because that just means I have a husband and father in the house.
just sitting

10. A1 enjoys his preschool so much. He's so reserved that I was afraid that by the time he opened up in preschool, we would be moving on to kindergarten! Both his father and I were (are) shy so we never pushed him to be more social beyond his comfort level but I'm so happy with his growing comfort in social situations.


Hyacynth Filippi Worth said...

I can especially relate to the dirty socks on the floor. :) But I am thankful for those socks, too, because it means that there are two lovely guys in my life who have taken those socks off their feet and strewn them about my previously clean house. Great post, Lam! I love Thankful Thursday.

Sheila said...

I LOVED this post -- so important to take some time to be grateful for all the gifts we have. And way too easy to forget in the midst of day-to-day 'getting by.' And girl, way to own up to the TV show addiction (even if it is a webisode ;)). Stand proud! I too love Thankful Thursday in your blog.

LH said...

Thanks Hyacynth & Sheila, I love the Thankful Thursday posts too. But I'm ashamed to admit that it's a stretch for me to list 10 things. Can you believe it? I lead such an easy, blessed life and I have a hard time thinking of 10 measly things for which to be grateful. That's why I'm really going to have to keep up this exercise in my head so I don't forget to stop and say thanks.