17 January 2009

Swimming in a sea of guava

The guava tree is so productive this year! I have to be both diligent and lightning fast to pick the fruit before they fall off the trees. When I fail in my mission, our yard becomes the local all-you-eat buffet for bunnies. Every night when I walk out by this tree, 3 or 4 rabbits scurry off...or not. It's gotten so that they feel it's their right to be there and are no longer afraid of me. They just stand there and wait until I scurry off! They're really cute with their perky ears and white cottontails, but I'm going to be very sad when they make dinner out of our veggie patch this spring.

I asked A1 to have a seat with today's harvest so I could snap a photo.
guava 1

I then asked to stop making that face! And he did...just long enough to make this face:
guava 2


Michelle said...

LOL, what funny faces A1 makes! Mm, guava! I'd love a guava tree but I dunno if it'd survive here.

LH said...

It will survive!

"...can be grown outdoors as far North as the San Francisco Bay Area in California."

from http://www.tradewindsfruit.com/guava.htm

Sara said...

Mmmm, delicious!! Gotta love the "cheese" face.

Michelle said...

Sweet! I'm gonna have to get my dad to plant one for me. :D (He offered to buy me some fruit trees this spring.) :D

Hyacynth Filippi Worth said...

You have a guava tree??!! Why, oh, why do I live in Chicago!?? ;)

LH said...

Hyacynth, I do not have A guava tree; I have TWO guava trees! One offers up the pink-centered fruit and the other yields the white-centered variety.

And yes, why oh why, DO you live in Chicago? There's plenty of consulting work here in So Cal for DH! ;)

Steve M Nash said...

Great pics! :-)

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Can rabbit be made into bacon?

I'm just sayin'!