20 January 2009

Our site is down...for the count

I don't want to spend so much time recording the boys' experiences that I end up not experiencing it with them. I mean, I take lots of photos but sometimes, I'm so far behind the camera that I have no idea what's going on in front of the camera.

What's going on here? It's like the Great Hand Broom/Kitchen Broom Standoff of '09.
broom off

Why in the world is A1 grimaced like this? It's like he's chanting, "Attica! Attica!"

I couldn't even begin to guess what the heck they were doing here.

To correct this situation, I'm letting a few things go, including our family website which took way too much time and effort to update (it may be reincarnated via our Mac at some later point). I loved the page format of a traditional site as opposed to the sequential nature of blogging, but Blogger has simplified the process so much that I cannot resist making this our main outlet. Besides, there was a great deal of redundancy between our site and this blog once I started showing the kids' photos here. Actually, the only thing glaringly absent on this blog as compared to the family website is my own image (more on that later).

I'm going to spend a few posts here and there reviewing some photos and retelling some stories to make up for the departure of our site. My apologies regarding the repeated content for those who had access to both.


Amber Riley said...

Blogspot does rock. Great site and easy to use. Since you have a Mac i would say use iweb. It is so easy as well and you can have multiple pages. I started with blogspot and then moved my stuff over to iweb. You can make the "blog" your home page so that is the first thing people see when they log-in.
LOVE those photos!!

LH said...

I have been considering iWeb mostly because, as you know, I LOVE your site so much. One of the features I do miss is the instant email for follow-up comments. Do you have that option or would you have to write the code for that feature yourself? Another thing I love about Blogspot is that I have the different blogs I follow to the left and it's a nice way of bookmarking and previewing snippets. One of the things I don't like about Blogspot, though, is that I don't really own my own content...and I have the (irrational?) fear that one day they'll just zap this site right out of existence. I mean, it's perfectly within their right to do so!

Amber Riley said...

There is no way for people to get email follow-ups after they leave a comment. You will know there is a comment because in iweb it notifies you. The is one thing that bugs me as well. I need to look into making that work but so far have not figured it out...
I also think it is cool you can follow other blogs on the side. I have a feeling there is a way to make that work but i have never really looked into it. I just added the people's sites as my favorite links...
I agree that "owning" the site is really neat. You already own your web address so you would just need to transfer it over or (depending on where you bought it from) you can just forward it. I bought through "go daddy" and use mac to host so i just forward the address to mac. I am sure you already know all of that. Good luck!!! :)