27 January 2009

Mac and cheese

There's an exorbitant amount of cauliflower hidden in this casserole. I tried to sneak it under 3 different kinds of cheeses and olive loaf bread crumbs.

This one probably would have eaten even more had he known. He has an unnatural love of vegetables (and a strong need for a haircut!).
hair flip

This one totally knew something was up and informed me that I was crazy if I thought I'd be able to pull a fast one.
slight furrow


Hyacynth Filippi Worth said...

Lam! That looks great! Please post the recipe. :)

LH said...

Ha ha! What give you the impression I cook with recipes? :)

I sweated onions in a little olive oil and butter, added some flour, Greek yogurt (because I didn't have cream)and cheddar, parm, and some other random cheese and then stirred in cooked pasta and cauliflower. Then I put it on a casserole dish and sprinkled bread crumbs I made from day-old bread (the harder the better!), a little olive oil, salt and pepper. I baked very quickly just until it browned a bit on top.

I'm sorry...wish I had the right measurements for you!

Ivan Chan Studio said...

A1 takes after your love of veggies! That's great! I remember you had to be force fed meat, right?

I still can't eat mac and cheese. Before cultural sensitivity, they served it to me in preschool and I couldn't leave the table until I ate it, but I thought it was the grossest, smelliest thing--completely different from anything I had in my non-English speaking home!


LH said...

Your memory is accurate...my mother used to put the veggies and rice on the spoon behind the meat so that I would have to consume the meat to get to the good stuff!

Strange that during my pregnancy with A1, I not only started eating and enjoying cheese, but also craving it on occasion. I have retained my ability to process it now!

Wendy said...

Can you say "Yum"?