26 January 2009

Happy Lunar New Year!

We started New Year's Eve at the park as if it were any other day.

Here is A2 wondering why I didn't tame that cowlick of his.

And here is A1 looking very determined.

After the park, we went to my parents' community center where A1 got to ring the bell and A2 got to watch him (that's the story of A2's life!).

On New Year's Day, we started at a playdate. Here are a few of our friends from this morning. This first pic is of Cole. You know how some babies just look like babies but others seem to possess the wisdom of the ages? Cole seems like one of those old souls in new bodies.
This is Conrad. I love how focused he is on the task at hand.
And here's Jason. Man, I can't wait to see how he turns out as an adult...what a sweet fella!

After the playdate, we went back to my parents' community center. I tried to get photos of the boys together, but just couldn't pull it off.

This one would have been nice if A1 hadn't been scratching himself!
Tet 1

This one would have been nice too, if both kids didn't look so pained by the photo session.
Tet 2

And here they are...all smiles finally! It's because I've told them that I've given up taking pictures and they can go play. Sheesh.
Tet 3

That's okay, I like the candid shots anyhow.
Tet 4
Tet 5
Tet 6

Well, except for maybe this one. This is the "No, thanks for the raspberry, but I already showered at home" shot.
Tet 7

By the way, I don't take offense when people refer to it as Chinese New Year, but it sounds a little odd to my ear...sort of like Happy Lithuanian Easter or Merry Guatemalan Christmas. What I mean to say is that those who are not Chinese recognize and celebrate the Lunar New Year all the same.


Michelle said...

Love the photos of the boys and the traditional clothes ;)

LH said...

Thanks! Does TLE have an outfit? If not, does she want one? There might still be a good collection of them available in Little Saigon even though the new year has already arrived.

I toyed with the idea of sewing them myself but it's way too complicated to be fun, you know?

Michelle said...

Sadly, TLE doesn't have one :( I wanted to get one for her but I haven't been able to get to San Jose. (I was not about to brave the one Vietnamese mall in SJ the week before Lunar New Year. I've done it before and the traffic is horrid!) I'd love an outfit for her! I think she'd be adorable in one :D Good excuse to have a photo shoot :x

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Oh! Fun Vietnamese hats!

The blue is so gorgeous on the outfits.

It's weird--I've been reading your blog chronologically but I decided to break that pattern (just a little bit) today and it's striking seeing how fast they grow, particularly A2!


LH said...

Yes, wee ones do sprout so quickly, don't they? It's usually a little bittersweet.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

You know, I was rereading this post (is it odd that I reread your blog, too, in addition to, you know, you?), and I just started cracking up about the Happy Lithuanian Easter and Merry Guatemalan Christmas!

I had to do some "education" on this in my class, when an article was distributed about "Chinese New Year" (and it was kind of Cantonese in its specificity!).

Well, it's like that thing they said on "Friends": In China, it's just called "food."