06 January 2009

Finally...a sewing project!

Princess Regan summoned forth her court seamstress. She ordered that a padded back and armrests be constructed for the royal rocking chair.
Regan 1

So I proceeded as commanded, making this ensemble with personalized embroidery. All three pieces use Velcro to adhere to themselves.
Mading chair front

The upper portion is larger than the lower portion so I had to make the bottom part of the back piece expandable by adding elastic and attaching it to the front piece with pleats. Hmm...it's a little hard to see in this photo.
Mading chair back

It was all for this gorgeous little fella. His name is Griffin. He specializes in using his mouth for making bubbles and his eyes for piercing directly into your soul.
Griffin 1

He's such a happy little guy that you would never know he had really a scary start as a preterm infant. Talk about Fighting Irish! This one's made of steel.
Griffin 2

But you too would be happy all the time if your mama loved throwing you up in the air
Griffin 3b
Griffin 3

...and giving you raspberry kisses.
S & G

Honestly though, it's no surprise G is such a happy baby. From the first moment I met Sheila and Regan, I recognized something remarkable in the way they related to each other, and in the extraordinary bond between them that revealed itself when they gazed into each other's eyes to see a love deeper than the deepest ocean and taller than highest mountain.

Well, except here in this next photo. Regan would strongly prefer it if her mother would just stop gossiping with the dang photographer already and get back to the business of paying attention to her.
S & R

But normally Regan acts like she's been drenched by an undiluted bottle of cuteness.
Regan 2
Regan 3

And when she's not being cute, she's all sorts of drama and glamour. It's enough to me ache for a daughter to my very core.
Regan 4

Her best role is probably when she's playing the Greatest Big Sister in the World. Jeez, when you're an only child, seeing two siblings together like this melts your heart like nothing else can.
R & G

We very much enjoyed our time at the Mading Manor yesterday and especially loved that we left with such wonderful treats in hand. (Yes, there were far more chocolate covered fruits, but I dropped them...in my belly!)
Mading chocolates

This awesome tile is going directly into the sewing room! I totally LOVE it!
Mading tile

ETA: I had forgotten to add this photo to the original post. It's Griffin, in all his subtlety, informing me that the photo shoot was over. What a little stinker!
Griffin 4


Mama Sheila said...

Lam, I honestly don't know what to say. My heart is full. What beautiful photos, what lovely prose, what a special friend. Thank you so much.

Amber Riley said...

Are you kidding me with these pictures??? They are SOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!! Lam, you are amazing. Sewing project is supreme and the photos of those children look like they are out of "Parents" magazine. Sheila, you must frame those!!! :)

Mama Sheila said...

Okay, I just showed this to Papa who arrived from Ventura about 5 minutes ago. Again, speechless. Well, actually he said "WOW!"

LH said...

I should make it public that that 1st up close shot of Griffin was taken by Sheila! I wanted to prove to her that it's not me taking these beautiful photos, it's my camera equipment.

Hyacynth Filippi Worth said...

I looove your photographs! These pictures are just gorgeous! You are so talented. :)

Ivan Chan Studio said...

I think you proved that Sheila is also a good photographer!

But, I shall respect your modesty. ;)