30 January 2009

Finally! A Haircut.

I was looking at some recent photos of a zoo trip when I could no longer stand the long hair!

Though when they suddenly break out in a song-and-dance routine, I'm distracted for a bit.
bamboo singing and dancing

The reason A1 only goes to the barber twice a year is because it terrifies him so.
apprehensive haircut

Well, at least we're done for another 6 months!


Ivan Chan Studio said...

You could go for a whole year if you just shaved him bald! (Imagine the Buddhist monk outfits then!)

My mom cut my hair (and the extended family's hair, on her side) until I went to college.

It was a nice time to talk (surprise) and my first sentence was during her haircut ("Don't cut my ear," in Mandarin). She also took the opportunity to smack me upside the head once or twice while I was captive!!

Trauma. Tsk.


LH said...

Ha! And here I am again, laughing at another's trauma. Tsk.