13 January 2009

Equal time

J in B&W
I don't take a lot of photos of James. And the ones that I do take usually have the kids in them as well.

Here he is about to go down a slide with A2 and wearing A1 in a mei tai I sewed and a long Lima Hoppediz.
23 mo
29 mo

I suppose it's fair because there aren't any photos of me without the kids at all!


Hyacynth Filippi Worth said...

Awww, cute pictures! I wish you would have submitted James wearing your DS in lima. What an awesome picture of a babywearing daddy. :)

LH said...

The reason I had these photos out and ready for posting is because I intended to email them to you! But I've been so spacey lately that I missed the submission deadline. I love that pic too...one of those funny, unposed moments that ended looking great on "film".

Soledad said...

You should have totally submitted James' picture in the Lima! I agree with your comment of neglecting taking pictures of DH now that I'm a mom, and have to say that the side-sticking tongue for ventilation is too cute for words ;)

Decker Family said...

Great photos of "daddy babywearing!" Love it!