19 January 2009

Cucumber sandwiches

We made pretty cucumber sandwiches using a snowflake cookie cutter.
cucumber sandwiches star

They took a long time so I also very quickly made the simpler, slightly less fun version.
cucumber sandwiches round

Here is A1 telling you how to make snowflake sandwiches--he's emphasizing the fact that you have to press REALLY HARD on the cookie cutter to slice through the cucumber and bread (actually, we used pita).
recipe telling

With all those animated hand gestures, you hardly notice that he's way overdue for a haircut. Nope, you hardly notice at all.
needs a haircut


Amber Riley said...

Okay those look super yummy. Is that cream cheese on there??? YUM! :)

LH said...

I found a recipe that used a little mayo, cream cheese, and a package of dry Italian dressing, all mixed and left to meld overnight. The actually assembly is a very child-friendly cooking activity! I find the kids eat better if they're part of the prep.

Amber Riley said...

Hmmm, that sounds good to me!!

Rachel said...

His hair looks perfect to me!

--mother of a child who needs a haircut