24 January 2009

Chocolate sandwich

chocolate waffle sandwich

After a cycle in the waffle iron, I got this:
chocolate waffle sandwich 2

I had it with ice cream...stealthily. There's virtually no nutritive value whatsoever so I wasn't about to let my children see me eat it. <--that's when you know you have a problem
chocolate waffle sandwich 3


Hyacynth Filippi Worth said...

I *really* want a chocolate waffle sandwich with ice cream right now. But I'm allergic to chocolate. Oh, the agony. I guess I'll have to make the cucumber sandwiches instead. Those were really stinkin' cute, but they do not have the same appeal. Wonder why? hahah!

Sheila said...

From one chocoholic to another: THAT LOOKS SO GOOD!!!

LH said...

Sheila, I used what was available in the house, but I bet it would be even better if I used better bread (sometime fun like brioche?) and chopped up fine chocolate! It was warm and melty and delish!

hhemme said...

That sounds crazy good. I am eying up my waffle iron now.

Wendy said...

No nutritive value in chocolate? Woman, are you insane?. That is blasphemy!

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Doesn't chocolate have like, antioxidants and...and...chocolatey-goodness?!

What a tasty treat. I don't care for sweets but this one is makin' me hanker. It must be the olfactory hallucination!