12 January 2009

Bleah...it's 88 degrees out.

zoo 1
It's hard to believe that it got to be almost 90 degrees in the middle of January. It's even harder to believe that I chose to take the boys to the zoo amidst all that heat.

In this next photo, A2 has his tongue sticking out of the side of his mouth...maybe he was using it for evaporative cooling!
zoo 2

At least the carousel ride provided a bit of a breeze.
carousel seahorse
carousel zebra

The boys had fun, but I'm glad to be home. In our air conditioned home...in January. Jeez.
zoo A1
zoo A2


attorneymama said...

I would recognize that zoo anywhere! Looks like fun. :)

LH said...

Thank goodness we have a membership. It allows me to relax when they'd rather just play in the sand and play structure instead of seeing the animals.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Hot. Zoo.

I'm swooning.