14 January 2009

Art catalog

A1 attends a co-op, developmental preschool. The co-op part means that the parents, along with the teacher, plan and implement the program. The developmental part means that we believe that knowledge is best acquired, integrated, and applied in a natural play setting (as opposed to the rigid structure imposed by academic preschools). And you know what there's a lot of in developmental programs?


So much art.

So much BIG art.

And honestly, I don't keep it all. To ease the guilt of throwing away my son's masterpieces, I photograph




of them!

I try to do it near the time it was created so that the file is stamped with an accurate date.


Michelle said...

Taking photos of them sounds like a great way to keep the art around... without actually keeping them around.

Mama Sheila said...

That is such a great idea... I too feel horribly guilty when I have to say bye-bye to one of her masterpieces, but if I didn't, the house would be over-run! I love that you have such a complete record of A1's creations...

Decker Family said...

Love that idea too! Are you working on your "website." I still check it as well and it said it was down.. Just thought i would check. :)

LH said...

No, the family website is officially dead. It took so long to update and blogging is soooo much easier. It was a surprisingly painful decision because I loved that layout so much (plus all the work that had gone into it!). Thank you very much for asking.