25 January 2009

365 Photography Project, Week 1

I'm a fairly conventional, inside-the-box kind of thinker. I mean, if it works, why question it? Why reinvent the wheel, right? So I'm jumping (a little late) on this 365 bandwagon and presenting a photo every single day for a full year. I've read that the process is a great way to document and remember any given year and it has the added benefit of improving one's photography because of all the practice and because there is no choice but to get creative with the camera if daily output is expected.

1/365: This was my first shot last Sunday. It's the trunk of one of our king palms. There's something simultaneously hopeful and tragic about how the trunk grows, forcing older fronds to separate and come crashing down to the ground.
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2/365: These are volunteers--I never planted these vigorous flowers but they keep returning every year. I believe they are Vinca. And their tenacity both pleases and annoys me!
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3/365: Daylilies last...well...a day. So, if I didn't enjoy the faded flowers as much as I enjoy the big blooming ones, I'd be pretty sad most of the time.
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4/365: I had all sorts of plans as to what I would capture today but none of those photos did anything for me. I ended up choosing this image, which I took haphazardly while out in the backyard taking photos of the boys. I like it because there's something jarring about the plane's distinct shape against the organic cloud puffs.
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5/365: I planted statice all along the hill to the side of the house. I like the how it looks like white-gloved hands are reaching up to the sky.
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6/365: The leaves from the pomegranate trees just fell last week but I noticed new leaflets emerging this week. Man, So Cal weather is nutty.
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7/365: I made lemonade...lots and lots of lemonade.
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Sheila said...

Lest I repeat myself (again and again): YOU TAKE AMAZING PHOTOGRAPHS. And NO, it's NOT the equipment, I don't want to hear that one again! It's YOU! (p.s. anytime you want to practice on a diva or a griffin, you know where to find us ;)).

LH said...

I look at other blogs and see their photography and I seriously feel like such a fraud!

But when warmer weather comes rolling in, we'll have to attend the same park playdates so we can have some outdoor photo fun. If you're especially nice, I might even let you comb your children's hair and change them into clean clothes.

Sheila said...

To quote from Amber: "can you hear me laughing over here?" And you are about the farthest thing from a fraud I know!!! (p.s. check the time stamp: Griffin will not let sleep win... he is the master of the beast!)

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Beautiful photographs, I'm looking forward to seeing what you see this year.

Interesting interpretation of the king palm trunk!

Okay, gotta go and prepare for a meeting with a therapist to discuss object relations and attachment theory for an upcoming paper (for which the university library databases are down).


LH said...

I intervened in whatever manner best suits and serves the patient, but when I conceptualized for myself and with other therapists, I am DEFINITELY all about Object Relations. No surprise that in my personal life, I primarily subscribe to a philosophy called Attachment Parenting (babywearing, extended nursing, co-sleeping, etc.). Have been seriously thinking of conducting some empirical research regarding babywearing and secure attachment.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

I figured that was why you were babywearing!

I'm still wrapping my head around Object Relations...it makes sense to me (the concepts) but the application or how it "works" I'm still undereducated about until I get some books from the library (I think the databases and ordering system is now fixed, so I can get a hold of some books by Scharff & Scharff on couple counseling).

Neat stuff, love it.


Katheryn said...

The clouds in that airplane shot look much more like Monet painting than a photograph. Amazing!

LH said...

Thanks Kat. It's so odd what ends up working. I have a single shot of that sky/plane (though I usually take a bazillion of any given scene) and didn't intend to use it at all.