30 October 2008

Rice Krispy pumpkins

My friend Shelley was kind enough to allow us to invade her kitchen for some really messy fun.

Rice Krispy 1

Rice Krispy 2

A2 was there too but he didn't really feel like participating, so before I'm eaten away by guilt, here are an equal number of photos from him from earlier occasions.

15 months

waking up

27 October 2008

Amortized costumes

My intention was to sew the boys' costumes this year so when I wound up buying them, I was determined to get as much wear out of them as possible. The boys first put them on for an evening event called Boo at the Zoo.

Boo at the Zoo 1

Boo at the Zoo 2

Boo at the Zoo 3

Heh. Look how thrilled they are in that picture. They unanimously declared an end to the photo shoot and demanded to see the monkeys.

The following morning, the boys went off to another zoo. They had a great time trick-or-treating and crafting so I was pretty sad I'd forgotten my camera. Luckily, I had a point-and-shoot in my bag and grabbed this shot of them lightsabering each other.

Halloween at the Zoo

And today, we had a Halloween party at our place so, of course, the boys donned their outfits again. Well, most of their outfits. It was 85 degrees out and A2 just didn't want to wear his Yoda ears. I don't blame him!

Halloween party

Tiny aside: My amazingly wonderful and fabulously talented friend Wendy brought some cupcakes to the party. In addition to cupcake delivery, you know what she's really great at? Carrier sewing. Check out her new business website: My Baby Pack. I'm so stinkin' proud of her! Go, Wendy, go!!!

Wendy cupcake 1

Wendy cupcake 2

Wow, we still have A1's preschool costume parade and Halloween as well. We'll wear these costumes until they're ragged!

23 October 2008


Here's a photo I took from an Easter egg hunt at our place a year and a half ago.

Toni 1

It's my friend Toni--and I use the term "friend" very lightly because she saw fit to move a gazillion miles away despite my efforts to keep her here. Fortunately for her, I'm a kind and forgiving soul...so I sewed her this for her daughter, who is due in March.

Toni 2

I really love mei tais for beginning babywearers because they're simple and user-friendly, but very versatile for newborns through preschoolers and for front, hip, and back carries. I chose the fabric because there's nothing an Army wife loves more than seeing camo. Uh...wait. Nevermind.

22 October 2008

Random photos

I'm really behind on my sewing projects but I need to feed the blog addiction! So here are the boys at the Fire Authority open house where they got to watch neat demos of rescues, sit in a huge array of vehicles, squeeze the nozzle of a hose, ride a fire engine around the training lot, and learn all about fire safety.

Fire Authority open house

And here they are at a local park.

same park

This next photo is at the same park. A1 was playing peekaboo and his brother joined in on the fun.


And this is A2 at Home Depot, where he hammered and painted his own project!

Home Depot

Okay, next post will definitely a sewing-related one!

17 October 2008

Halloween decorating

Halloween decorating 1

Last Sunday, I finally dug out what few Halloween decorations we have. A2 helped.

Halloween decorating 2

But he quickly became disenchanted by the whole process and went back to digging in the dirt like usual.

Halloween decorating 3

I managed to get things done even without his assistance.

Halloween decorating 4

Halloween decorating 6

When A2 caught wind of this, he realized he wasn't needed either so he started soccer practice--he set up the cones and goal himself! And no, the camera wasn't crooked. Our entire lot is slanty.

Halloween decorating 5

He only stopped to ask me why I put them in jackets even though it was 85 degrees out. Hmm...good question.

Halloween decorating 7

A2 was so pleased to take his jacket off that he did that squinty-eyed laugh that melts my heart.

Halloween decorating 8

13 October 2008


Thanks for my first tag, Mindy!

4 Random Things I Like About My Husband

1. He TOTALLY knows when I'm in the mood for "second dinner". And then he brings it to me--no questions asked!
2. If it gets a laugh out of the kids, he'll do it. Again. And again. And again.
3. He says things like "eigenfunction expansion" or "covariance diagonalization" and doesn't flinch.
4. Almost a decade ago, he got up the nerve to reply to my online personals ad.

4 Jobs I've Had

1. Psychologist
2. Statistical Consultant
3. Sunday School Teacher. Well, I suppose that wasn't really a job because I didn't so much get paid in money as I did in the undying love of my students. Maybe it was because I was inspiring and engaging; or, maybe it was because I threw out mini-Snickers bars when a kid got the answer right. ToMAYto, toMAHto.
4. 24-Hour Breastaurant. I still hold this job. The benefits are nice but my boss is very pushy!

4 Movies I've Watched More Than Once

Wow, and here my inner geek emerges for all to see...and mock.
1. Altered States. The last time I watched it, I was totally embarrassed that it had been my favorite movie for so long!
2. The Matrix. I rewatched only the first one--I could barely sit through the initial viewing of the sequels.
3. Lord of the Rings. I once had a marathon viewing of the extended DVDs. There was themed food. And costumes.
4. Star Wars. Episodes 4, 5, and 6. Please don't get me started on the prequels. Please.

4 TV Shows I Watch

I'm so ashamed because I shouldn't be able to answer this question since we don't have a television in the house. But I catch webisodes on my handy-dandy puter.
1. Lost. I love the literary references. It's completely different story-telling.
2. Fringe. This show's only been on for a short while but I'm hoping it will be like X-Files without the alien crap.
3. Law & Order: SVU. Technically, I don't watch this anymore. I used to tape it at my parents' house and bring it home to watch. But now we don't have a VCR/TV setup and I miss the show.
4. Divine Design with Candice Olson. She may be 7 feet tall, but she's got style! But I don't watch this one anymore for the aforementioned reason.

4 People Who Email Me Regularly

I don't get so many emails from people as I do from groups.
1. The MOMS Club Executive Board
2. The MOMS Club email loop
3. OCBabywearers listserv...and Freecycle from two neighboring cities
4. The Fisher brothers and James. What they lack in meaningful content, they more than make up for in sheer volume.

4 of My Favorite Foods

1. Fried stuff
2. Fried stuff
3. Fried stuff
4. Fried stuff with bacon on top

4 Places I Would Like To Visit

1. The remaining 5 states. I used to take these amazing road trips and managed to see 45 of our beautiful states!
2. Ireland. The boys are 1/4 Irish and 1/4 German and I would love for them to know their heritage.
3. Germany. See above.
4. Mindy is onto something here because I, too, would like to see the inside of a bathroom WITHOUT kids shadowing me.

4 Things I Am Looking Forward To In The Coming Year

1. I can't wait for A2 to start talking more. I love this stage so much!
2. A1 is going to break out of his shell at preschool and it's going to be magical to witness.
3. Fall and winter. I love the holidays. And I really dig cooler weather because I can always put on more clothing to get warm because let's face it, I could strip it all off and still be hot in the summer.
4. Making new friends at MOMS Club, A1's preschool, and the babywearing group. Totally corny, I know--but it's been a long time since I've had the opportunity to meet so many strong, amazing women.

11 October 2008

Pencil case

I sewed this:
pencil roll 1

It opens up to reveal 20 colored pencils, all of which are brown.
pencil roll 2

A1 has quite a thing for brown pencils. It's a bit weird but I indulge him anyhow. That's how I roll. Heh. Heh. Get it? "Roll"?

Hmm...so this is what they mean by deafening silence.

Anyhow, A1 took a great deal of pleasure in sharpening the pencils as well.

pencil roll 3

ETA the following photo. I reread this entry and was stricken by guilt because not only had I not crafted anything for A2, I didn't even post a photo of him! So here is he is just waking up. He's all sad and confused as to why I would grab the camera instead of grabbing him upon his waking. Man, he's cute when he's all furrowed up like that!
A2 wakes

10 October 2008

Not the usual wristlet

The asymmetrical handles allow for the longer one to slip all the way through the shorter one to create a loop for hanging from the wrist. The black silk interior fabric was used to make double fold bias tape for the handles.


It looks fairly decent from the outside, but I totally messed up the inside! The wrong side of the interior fabric is facing out and my seams, funky-colored thread and all, are showing. What's really odd is that I had no inclination to grab the seam ripper and start over...just plowed on through to the end even after I discovered my error.

07 October 2008

Finger painting

I'm always looking for a good reason not to have to dress my kids in the morning. It's easier to hose them off when they're naked, you know.

fingerpaint 3

When you finger paint, you can get really close to your big brother and he won't even get mad or call you a noodge.

fingerpaint 1

When you finger paint, no one notices that you have a serious case of bedhead. Well...unless you point it out to them.

fingerpaint 2

Finger painting is just the colloquial term, even if you're using your toes...

fingerpaint 4

...or your arms, or your entire torso. Whatevs.

fingerpaint 5

1/2 c. cornstarch
3 T. sugar
1/2 t. salt
2 c. cold water
food coloring

Stir over low heat for 10-15 mins until mixture is smooth and thick. After completely cooled, divide into storage containers and add food coloring. Seal tightly.

05 October 2008


Last year, A1 and I started a discussion on the seasons, as vividly illustrated by our liquidambar allee. A few weeks ago, we finally finished the photo essay with summer's verdant glory:

final summer

Here are fall, winter, and spring from previous entries in case you'd forgotten:

final fall

final winter

final spring

Wow, I can't believe that I've been blogging for almost a year now. I think it took me most of that time to find my voice. Hmm...wonder how long it'll take me to find my audience?!? I can tell by the way friends and family occasionally ask for new photos of the boys that they're reading neither this blog nor the family website. Yet, I'm compelled to compose entry after entry on a fairly regular basis. And it takes every bit of my strength not to go back and revise my first entries...but I really feel like I should let them stand as a record of the journey I've taken through blogging. Those shaky beginnings really highlight the surer footing I'm on now.

04 October 2008

Photo roles

When I plant A2 in front of the camera, he sits there and smiles...like a good subject should!

photo subject

But when I try to snap a shot of A1, I get a lot of criticism. Like in this photo, he's mad because he thought it would look better if I stood to his other side and he's just flummoxed that I'm taking his photo regardless of his very clear direction to the contrary. Jeez, where did he learn to be so bossy? Oh...right. Anyhow.

photo director

03 October 2008

Naked Bundt

My Bundt cakes always look so much prettier before I glaze them.


Wiki is my friend and do you know what he taught me? That the founder of Nordic Ware, H. David Dalquinst, created the Bundt pan in 1950 as a lighter, less delicate version of Old World bundkuchen pans upon the request of the Minneapolis chapter of the Hasaddah Society. But it wasn't until over decade and a half later that the pan really took off when a Bundt cake won second place in a Pillsbury baking contest.

And as for etymology, bund (of bundkuchen) refers to the bundling or wrapping of dough around the center circle. Dalquinst added the final "t" to signify the German pronunciation and trademarked it. In 1970, Pillsbury licensed the name for a line of cake mixes.

Wow, plagiarizing from an encyclopedia...it's like I'm in elementary school all over again!

02 October 2008

Kids' photos!

Yay! I posted that ridiculous pomegranate picture yesterday so I get to show the boys today, right?

Here is A1 this morning as he was heading off to preschool...for his first ever picture day. A clip-on tie would have really finished off the ensemble nicely! Froggy is a telltale sign, but without him, A1 looks so much older than 3.

photo day

And following are a dozen photos from the pumpkin patch from this weekend. And by a dozen, I mean 12. That's 10 + 2, or 6 x 2, or the square root of 144, or in order words, a whole flipping lotta pictures of the boys!!!












This photo is my favorite because of the way A1 stealthily grabs the last few bites of cotton candy, all without making any eye contact with A2, who is still pretty wise to his brother's tricks.