28 August 2008

Toddling off

How come my baby suddenly looks like a little boy?


And how come as soon as he learned how to walk, the first place he went was AWAY from me?!?


That's okay. I've got this one to wrangle in him in when necessary.


27 August 2008


You know what's great about having an SLR? You can click away so quickly that you're able to capture the very moment when your son's expression turns from curiosity to disdain.

change in expression

And his name is not Thomas. His middle name isn't Thomas either. It's a hand-me-down from his cousin. This boy lives in other people's clothes! The only new outfit he's ever had was the one in which he came home from the hospital.

25 August 2008

Outdoor bath

Most evenings, I have a horrible time trying to wrangle the boys back into the house for their bath, probably because it signifies the start of the bedtime routine. So today, I thought I'd just bring out the toothbrushes and soap to suds them up right in the middle of their water play. It was a rousing success. While the weather still permits this sort of backyard lunacy, we may have to keep up this new revision to the nightly routine.

froggy bath

24 August 2008

Purl West!

Wow, it's a slow blog month! Sorry!

Ah, heck, to whom am I apologizing? I have no actual readership! Anyhow...on with the content:

Even though Purl Soho has had a west coast warehouse 3.5 miles away for over a year, I had been totally clueless. But as soon as I found out, I had to drag my lazy butt there. Because it's situated in a business park without any obvious signs, I wasn't quite sure I had the right address when I arrived. But once I saw the Amy Bulter sign, I knew I was in the right place! It was such a breath of fresh air compared to my local quilt shop, which is very nice but obviously aimed at a different sort of crafter than myself. The staff were so kind to take time away from filling orders to cut and ring us up. In the third photo, you can see my Joel Dewberry picks.


The fabric was supposed to be behind quite a few projects, but I was so in love with it that I let it cut in line. It became a faux Metrosupial pouch. And yes, it's displayed on a bike handle. I needed something with a horizontal projectile and that's the only thing I could find on short notice!


Totally random, but check out the bokeh in that background! It's my new prime lens. It opens up to 1.8 (didn't want to pay for the 1.4) and I always shoot with it wide open now. Anyway, here is the obligatory action shot.


08 August 2008

I don't even like chocolate!

I found a neat, well reviewed recipe on allrecipes.com that turned out to be the one on the back of the Hersey's cocoa box. It takes a cup of boiling water and makes a very runny batter. I've tried it in double layer cake form....

choc cake

and in cupcake form...

choc cupcake

Both turned out very moist and held up nice to frosting. Then A1 requested these:

choc strawberries

I used to think it was strange that a child who is allowed to eat so many sweets would opt instead for broccoli and carrots but then I realized that he loves his broccoli and carrots because he's allowed to eat so many sweets. There's no differential valuing of his food--he just listens to his body's cravings and I find that his frame is far leaner than that of many of his (television-watching) agemates. So there! I've successfully justified it to myself.

07 August 2008

Ask "why" five times about every matter.

I learned about this from James, whose official title is Department Research Scientist. He's basically an engineer. An engineer who thinks this technique is comical. But I like the simultaneous tenacity and simplicity of the quintuple iteration. So here goes.

I feel crappy and off-balance.
1. Why?
I haven't been sewing. At all. I haven't even been in the sewing room in eons. Well, there was that time when we were playing ball in the hallway and one of the boys accidentally rolled it in the sewing room and I had to go retrieve it.
2. Why?
No time.
3. Why?
I spend time doing things I'd rather not be doing in lieu of engaging in my favorite, relaxing leisure activity. And yes, even pulling out my dreaded seam ripper to correct flubs is relaxing, in its own curse-filled way.
4. Why?
Guilt, mostly. I don't want to let people down and I'm afraid to say no.
5. Why?
Why? Why am I a terrified people pleaser? Well isn't that the million dollar question! Hmm...the upside is that the 5 whys really did get to the root cause of my problem. Sort of.

03 August 2008

My children hate birthdays

Here is A1 at his first.


And here is A2 at his first.


Wow. Those are 2 unhappy babies! And while we're comparing the boys, I'll add that during their first year, I took 454 photos of A2 as compared to 919 photos of his big brother. That's more than twice A2's total! Sucks to be secondborn!

01 August 2008


I feel horrible! I've got lots of pain, both localized and generalized in the feverish, flu-like way. It suddenly snuck up and smacked me upside the head so I originally thought it was just a little nausea and fatigue from today's beach trip--bleah, I hate sun.

I shouldn't be surprised, though, since A2 has a few toofies coming in simultaneously and neither of us have slept much this last week, plus he hasn't wanted to nurse as much because of his sensitive gums and increased table food intake. And then there's all that stress from the miles and miles of forms that have to be completed for A1's preschool co-op. I know it's a great fit for A1 but I'm still so nervous about all the time away from A2. When I talked about this program with another mom in our group she said that it was great to spend so much time with your child (parents, with the help of a hired teacher, plan and implement the curriculum themselves), but leaving your other child makes it an undesireable circumstance for parents of multiple kids. "Six of one, half dozen of the other," she said. And I keep being haunted by that phrase over and over again. If I put A1 in a regular preschool, I'll feel like I'm abandoning him, but if I put him in the co-op program, I'll feel like I'm abandoning A2. Argh!!!

And to top it off , tomorrow is A1's first day at soccer and I so wanted to be one of those overly excited Soccer Moms jumping up and down on the sidelines. I've prepared so well for the role too! Minivan: check. Bathing suit with built-in modesty skirt: check. Wardrobe of elastic-waist pants: check! But now I'm so pooped and he'll have to settle for just his dad. I'll make sure James makes a double fool of himself to compensate for my absence.

Wow, it is so hard to get these four people to stand still, much less to look in the same direction...ahem, did they not notice the lady with the giant camera pointed at them? Here are the boys with the grandparents today: