21 December 2007

Toddler Relativity

A1 scoffs at classical mechanics. His spacetime structure gets all screwy when making Christmas sugar cookies. What else could possibly explain why the hour-long wait for the dough to chill feels like foreeeeeever!

I tried to keep his mind off the cookies with some crafts. First, he sparkled up a pine cone.

Christmas cone

Then he decorated a construction paper tree.

3-D tree

And finally he got to bake and frost his cookies. Neon food coloring is courtesy of his dad.

neon frosting

(Sorry for the crappy, out of focus pics!)

02 December 2007

Changing colors

The pomegranate leaves have turned a shade of yellow that perfectly matches the dragonfly wings on our windchime!

pomegranate & windchime

01 December 2007

A history lesson

I just learned some very interesting (to me anyhow) facts about where we live.

We are at the foot of a hill, 347 feet high to be exact, that's eased to the county. It's aptly named Red Hill because of its soil color, which turned red when ancient volcanic activity deposited cinnabarite in the preexisting sandstone. Native American inhabitants called it Katuktu, which roughly translates to Place of Refuge. However, when the Spaniards came in, they dubbed it the less romantic Hill of Frogs!

It's a lovely hill, but it completely blocks our cell phone and television reception. Though this is not such a big deal because we communicate mainly via email/chat and have long since gotten rid of our television. Its true fault is that it makes us a fire hazard which scares off many home owners insurance companies.

Red Hill

That photo really illustrates the fire-prone nature of chaparral ecosystems. Or is it biomes? I can never remember which term is more appropriate!